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Fly With Your Family to the U.S. on the Same Date of Your Deployment. This Time, SOONER Than Later!

We are all aware of how nurses and other medical professionals are challenged in terms of compensation here in the Philippines. It is ironic how rewarding the career may be; it is also challenging and stressful. Nurses handle several patients daily during their shifts but still earn low wages and experience poor working conditions. That's why, as the demand for nurses to work abroad increases, nurses couldn't help but grab the opportunity to pursue their career in a country that could be more promising. Imagine living and working in a country that could fulfill your dreams personally and professionally.

Speaking of which country to move to and practice the profession, many nurses still choose the U.S. as their final working destination. Its thriving economy, manageable working conditions, and excellent salary and compensation definitely make the country very attractive. Undoubtedly, it is still one of the chart-topping work destinations for Filipino nurses.

How about you? Have you ever thought of moving to the U.S.? What are your expectations be like? Are you ready for this huge decision, or are you still wondering how and what your journey will be in achieving your goals? If you still need to be more confident in aiming for this opportunity right before you, know that working in the U.S. can be the key to the achievement and success you're waiting for. Not to mention, working in the U.S. as a nurse also enables you to provide a first-rate quality of patient care. So, not only can it benefit you financially (personally), but also it can help you in your career growth and much-advanced nursing opportunities.

Of course, it is inevitable to think about how to work and live in a different country and adjust to a new environment thousands of miles away from your family. You'll surely get busy exploring the new city, the job, and connecting with other people. Social media may come of help. But, indeed, part of you will still feel a little homesick despite your busy moments in your journey.

Stuck between working overseas and staying here with your family in the country? Worry no more! One of our newest U.S. employers, Insight Global Health, allows you to bring your dependents when you work in the U.S.! Believe it or not, nurses, you can get your family to the U.S. on the same date of your deployment, and they will take care of processing U.S. visa applications for your dependents as well! How exciting is that, right? Indeed, Insight Global Health (IGH) values the strong ties of Filipinos and its importance in supporting their loved ones to pursue the American Dream.

This is your sign to start your U.S. application, as IGH makes the American Dream possible quicker than usual. Get to achieve it in just a few months through their H-1B Cap-Exempt Visa processing. More importantly, you can bring your family to the U.S. to support you in your career overseas. What else could you ask for? These factors set IGH apart from other U.S. employers that nurses shouldn't miss!

We at Abba have constantly conducted free webinars for all Filipino healthcare professionals aspiring to pursue a career overseas. We always ensure you have everything you need to start your overseas journey. Last July, our free webinar taught you about Insight Global Health's unique benefits. Now, it's the time to meet them in person! Join us as we implement this FREE face-to-face event for you, nurses!

Learn more about how this newest U.S. employer (IGH) can bring you the faster way to your USRN dream through their H-1B Cap-Exempt Visa processing! And, of course, know more about how IGH can assist you in bringing your family to the U.S. Aside from client orientation and screening, we will also be joined by our partner review centers to give you free consultation for your English language exam! This event will be significant and informative and will surely be fun and exciting as we prepare raffles, prizes, and giveaways for all of you!

Do we have to say more? Reserve your slot now by signing up at or For any inquiries, contact Rossa at +63917-704 5081 / +63918-286 1876.

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