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Germany Ain’t That Complicated—If You’re Applying to this Employer

Every country that we’re sending nurses to has its own unique advantages. However, each of them’s also known for certain hurdles that are very important for nurses to surpass. The United States, for instance, will allow you to start working on an immigrant visa: But before you do, you’d have to go through a long and complicated process. The United Kingdom is perfect if you prefer working abroad really soon: In exchange, you’d have to pass either of the 2 difficult language exams, the IELTS or the OET. Germany can give you a progressive work environment and a very generous benefits package: Even so, you’d have to spend so many months in a review center trying to be fluent in the German language.

Truly, nothing in this world comes for free: Behind every successful overseas career are actually a lot of time, effort and money invested. It’s nice to know, then, when we meet some overseas employers who are doing everything that they can to make things easier for Filipino nurses. One of them is Talent Solution GmbH, a Germany-based recruitment agency that’s continuously looking for Filipino RNs.

Talent Solution GmbH recognizes that the German language exam is a very obvious stumbling block. To pass the German language exam, Filipino nurses would have to enroll in review centers and study the language for around 8-10 months. Many of them would even have to resign their current nursing jobs just so that they can focus on their German language classes. The current deployment ban isn’t helping either, since nurses who have long been working on their Germany RN applications are still stuck in the Philippines today. The process of becoming a nurse in Germany is a pretty long and complicated process that can also be vulnerable to a lot of unpredictable incidents.

With this, Talent Solution GmbH has removed one very important requirement when it comes to screening its candidates--It’s one of the few overseas employers that are allowing nurses with zero work experience to apply! Talent Solution finds this a reasonable move as it makes its job opportunities accessible to more Filipino nurses. Nurses who aren’t working may also be able to focus better on their German language review, so removing work experience as a requirement can be even more advantageous to them. Many nurses’ employment may have also been affected by the pandemic, therefore resulting in noticeable work gaps. In short, the removal of work experience as a requirement to apply to Talent GmbH is a definite win-win-win situation!

If you are a nurse registered in the Philippines, we invite you to apply to Talent Solution’s Staff Nurse vacancies! Below are the job details.


Staff Nurse Vacancies through Talent Solution GmbH, Germany


Germany has become one of the most popular migration destinations, coming only second to the United States, thanks to its encouraging immigration policies. It has a diverse workforce that encourages fair treatment among everyone: Foreign workers using work visas are even allowed to bring their spouses and children with them after six months! Filipinos who have successfully migrated to Germany will attest to its competitive compensation; generous health care and educational benefits; healthy work-life balance; thriving economy; rich culture; and excellent transportation system. All these, they say, make the time and effort that they’ve invested in learning the German language very worthwhile. We are now looking for Registered Nurses who’d like to join community-based healthcare institutions through Talent Solution GmbH. Come and join the many nurses who are finally discovering this underrated country by applying now!


Government reduced working hours from 40 to 38.5 hrs/week

Free German language training

Free accommodation for the first month

Paid holidays

Paid annual vacation leave for 28-30 days

Paid sick leave

Provided professional training and learning opportunities

Fully covered health insurance

State-mandated employee protection laws

Opportunity to work using the most advanced healthcare equipment

No placement or processing fee

If interested, you may sign-up at or send your updated CV to with the subject heading: Germany Application - Name of Applicant. For questions or concerns, please contact Hazel through 0917-704 7976 / 0918-286 1886.

We hope to be able to send more of you to Germany, nurses!


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