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Get Deployed To The U.S. In Just A Few Months Through H-1B Cap-Exempt Visa Processing!

There are so many U.S. employers that you can choose from when deciding to work overseas. But how will you determine which employer is the best for your profession? As we all know, the U.S. application process is long and intricate. It usually takes years for the professionals to be successfully deployed in the U.S. That's why more and more nurses are now looking for an employer who's knowledgeable and experienced enough to make that application process shorter and less tedious. If the idea of retrogression or going through the lengthy process scares you from taking that first step towards your #AmericanDream, then keep scrolling. We have a better solution for you. We will help you make your way to the U.S. sooner than expected!

Here at Abba, we're always dedicated to making the applicant's overseas career worth pursuing. Aside from earning high salaries to provide for your families, we, too, ensure you can get the expertise and skills honed to develop your career. To achieve that, we select only the most reputable employer for our nurse candidates. Our U.S. employer - Insight Global Health, is a JCI-accredited company with over 22 years of experience that offers excellent compensation and benefits. This employer also provides an H-1B cap-exempt visa for nurses, a highly sought-after immigration path for international workers like you.

H-1B visa is an employer-sponsored temporary work visa that allows U.S. employers to recruit foreign professionals to work in a specialized position in the U.S. for a certain period. Three years is the initial work duration for employees under this visa. However, the employer can extend this to six years by filing a new petition. This H-1B visa processing time only takes a few months, so nurses are guaranteed a quick deployment in the U.S. However, this visa is yet to be steady and is subject to an annual cap, meaning the government provides a limited number of passes available each year, so it's like the luck of the draw for nurses.

On the bright side, Insight Global Health offers an H-1B CAP-EXEMPT visa for nurses, meaning you don't have to worry about standing by for the annual lottery because you can bypass the yearly cap and receive your H-1B visa quickly. After all, there's a quicker way to the U.S., as your H-1B cap-exempt visa is unaffected by retrogression!

The number of U.S. employers starting to enter the industry has increased, and so are the nurses who are amazed at its benefits, compensation, and other offers that will make them think that this is the best employer to apply to. To the point that they forgot one of the essential factors you should consider when looking for a U.S. employer: its commitment to making the U.S. application as smooth and convenient as possible for the healthcare professionals for them to be deployed in the U.S. sooner than usual.

Considering that the U.S. application process is a protracted and complicated one, shouldn't you look for an employer capable of helping you be more comfortable with the application? Someone with decades of experience who knows exactly what they're doing and can guide you through everything you need to achieve your USRN dream.

The U.S. application process can be pretty challenging, but with the right employer - an esteemed one - you won't have to worry. They have a proven track record of assisting and helping applicants, and you can trust them to guide you through the entire process, from your application to your deployment.

Let's dive deeper into how an H-1B cap-exempt visa can benefit you and help you achieve your #AmericanDream quicker than usual with our U.S. employer - Insight Global Health. Discover the other irresistible benefits that this employer has to offer!

Join us on our FREE webinar via Zoom on December 7, Thursday, 7 PM - 9 PM. Secure your slots now by signing up at or For questions or concerns, contact Mica at +63998-406 9968.

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