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Insight Global Health Will Help You Process U.S. Visa Applications For Your Dependents!

A prosperous economy, strong job market, inclusive and diverse culture, wise working conditions, and advanced technology and innovation are some positive things that the U.S. is known for healthcare professionals aiming to work and live overseas. As nurses continue to migrate to other countries, it's unsurprising to see that the U.S. is always on the list of preferred countries by nurses. This country remains one of the best work destinations among Filipino workers, specifically those in the healthcare profession. Relatively speaking, the demand for nurses in the U.S., on the other hand, is still increasing. Therefore, more and more U.S. recruitment agencies and affiliated businesses have started to enter the industry, tapping healthcare professionals to meet the hiring demands of a specific organization.

Due to this, the pathways and the number of options for aspiring U.S. nurses continue to increase. With so many options available to our healthcare professionals, it's crucial for Filipinos to dig deep and learn the intricacies of how to choose the best U.S. employer and agency for them. They must be prepared and well-informed about working and living in a new environment; they must find a partner recruiter who will help them with the application process as smoothly as possible.

Aside from searching for the right recruiter, moving to a new country is another challenge for every family member. Since you're working miles away from your family, you must face the reality that you should know how to deal with everything independently. Yes, social media may be helpful in terms of communicating with your family, but nothing compares to the support and happiness that your family can give you when you're with them. Filipino workers aim to work overseas to provide for their families and give them the best lifestyle, even if this places burdens and emotional distress at some point because of the separation. For most Filipinos, family strengthens and motivates them to get through bad times and intensely impacts their well-being. That's why many Filipino professionals are thinking twice about whether to pursue a career abroad or stay in the country with their families.

But with our U.S. employer - Insight Global Health, you don't have to worry as you can bring your dependents together with you to the U.S.; they can join you on the same date of your deployment. Your dependents can be your spouse and your children, who must be unmarried and under 21 years old at the time of the Embassy Interview for both H-1B and EB-3. IGH values the importance of families in achieving one's dream; they go the extra mile by taking care of U.S. Visa application processing for you and your loved ones. Yes, for you and your family!

Fast-track your #AmericanDream with one of the largest staffing agencies in the United States - Insight Global Health (IGH). IGH offers H-1B Visa Cap-Exempt for you nurses to work and travel in the U.S. quicker than usual! The long wait is over, indeed! You can now achieve your U.S. RN dream in just a few months through IGH's H-1B Cap-Exempt Visa processing!

Let us help you start your application when you join our FREE online event this December 7, Thursday 7 PM - 9 PM via Zoom. Grab your slots by signing up at or For questions or concerns, contact Mica at +63998-406 9968.

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