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Ireland's Only JCI-accredited Public Hospital is Hiring Nurses Once Again!

Ireland has a continuously growing population, just like other countries. As a result, the demand for international nurses is highly sought after. With this prominent shortage of nurses, foreign nurses can expect to discover plenty of job opportunities in many areas of this country. Additionally, Ireland, with a small population, creates hospital vacancies that can vanish quickly. That's why many nurses, specifically Filipinos, seize the chance once they see an opportunity to pursue a career in this European country. It's not only that they want to grab a quick chance to pursue an overseas career. It is also proven that this country's long-standing practice of providing first-rate care to its people makes nurses even more attracted to what this foreign land can offer.

Talk about the scenery; Ireland is well-known for its rich cultural heritage and astonishing natural beauty, not to mention its warm and welcoming people. Indeed, foreign nurses can make the most out of their experience.

Aside from its vast opportunities, rich history, and world-class healthcare system, international nurses will engage in a supportive and inclusive work environment. Imagine working alongside great people who share their knowledge and know how to value, respect, and support each other. That's why pursuing a career in Ireland is an excellent choice for nurses. 

The role of nurses in Ireland is comprehensive and diverse. They constantly educate the community on health issues and emotionally support their patients. And since Ireland's public healthcare is highly regarded and well-funded, foreign nurses can expect to work in the country's best hospitals and facilities equipped with modern medical technologies. Additionally, most nurses in Ireland participate in research and quality improvement to advance the first-class care contributed to the healthcare system. 

Eyeing to work in Ireland as a nurse? St. Vincent's University Hospital (SVUH), located in Dublin, was named one of UNESCO's Cities of Literature and labeled twice by TripAdvisor as one of Europe's friendliest cities. Meanwhile, SVUH is one of the world's leading academic teaching facilities that provides front-line, acute, chronic, and emergency care for more than 50 medical specialties in the country's only integrated multi-hospital campus. In fact, SVUH's Emergency Department serves as the primary referral center in the region for patients who experience strokes and severe trauma cases. 

This hospital is also home to a significant number of national centers, including the National Center for Cystic Fibrosis, the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), the National Liver Transplant Programme, and the recently established National Pancreas Transplant Programme.

St. Vincent's University Hospital illustrates best practices in quality and patient safety, resulting in being recognized worldwide for setting standards of excellence in clinical diagnosis and treatment, education, and research. Don't miss the chance to be part of it! SVUH is the ONLY public hospital in Ireland with international accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI). One of the significant factors you should consider is choosing the best employer. This esteemed hospital will be hiring nurses once again! SVUH will have in-person employer interviews on February 15-17, 2024! Sign up now at for a chance to be lined up. For questions and concerns, you may contact Pia at +63917-700 3059.

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