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Join the First and Only Magnet-Recognized Trust in the U.K.!

The deployment cap for healthcare workers planning to work abroad may have already been reached, but those who are bound for the United Kingdom remain exempted until today. This has obviously made applying to the European country more encouraging to Filipino nurses in that they’re now more willing to exert time, effort and money on the IELTS or the OET just to be able to get there. Combining this with the country’s competitive compensation and benefits, progressive working environment, and diverse workforce for nurses, there’s just no denying that the U.K. has recently become the hottest country of work destination among Filipino nurses.

Most Filipino nurses will likely end up working with the National Health Service, or the publicly funded healthcare institutions of the U.K. NHS facilities comprise a significant majority of the country’s healthcare system, and so nurses will notice many similarities across its different institutions all over the country. NHS facilities typically follow the same work week; pay scale; and standards and practices when it comes to nursing in the United Kingdom. So whether you’re working in a busy hospital in London or a less crowded one in the suburbs, you will see a semblance of uniformity in how things are usually done.

This may give the impression that all NHS facilities are exactly the same, but we’re here to tell you that this is not at all true. With the many NHS facilities that we’re serving through the NHS Professionals, we can easily tell that each and every one of them has its own unique set of advantages. A London Trust may bring you the excitement of the urban city, but the cost of living of a suburban one is perfect for you if you’d rather save more. A Trust that’s composed of various teaching hospitals can give you progressive and academic training, whereas a different one can get you to the U.K. in as fast 2 months. And then we’re also serving a certain Trust that’s perfect for those who simply want to do the nursing profession right, as it is the only recipient of the Magnet recognition in the entire United Kingdom!

This Trust is none other than the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust! It is a Trust that serves over 2.5 million residents located in its area and the surrounding communities. It is internationally-recognized for many of its specialist services and is at the forefront of many research programs and new surgical procedures. As it is also teaching Trust, it has strong relationships with the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University, and other universities across the East Midlands.

NUH applied for Magnet recognition a few years ago in its aim of developing an excellent work place culture especially for its nurses. Magnet is the highest recognition for nursing excellence among healthcare organizations in the world and it provides recipients a framework that allows them to advance three important goals: exemplary clinical care, excellent patient experience, and excellent staff experience to promote job satisfaction and retention.

The application process calls for signficant investments of time and resources, that’s why very few institutions would even take a chance at it. To apply, an organization must have shown exemplary patient and staff outcomes and have two years of benchmarked data / evidence to demonstrate this. The NUH proceeded with its application and eventually received Magnet recognition early last year, making it the first and only U.K. organization that has received it. Given this, nurses like you can expect higher satisfaction; lower turnover and vacancy; improved clinical outcomes; and improved patient satisfaction when they join the NUH.

Interested to be part of this Trust? Check out the rest of their job vacancy details.


Staff Nurse Vacancies in

  • General Ward

  • ICU

  • Hematology

  • Oncology

  • Renal

  • Chemotherapy

  • Admissions


  • Band 5 salary (24,907GBP ~ 1,688,000PHP+ per annum) with annual increment

  • Overtime pay and priority in NHS employment bank

  • Extra payments for evenings, nights, and weekends

  • Access to the generous NHS Pension Scheme

  • Free accommodation for 2 months

  • Airfare to the U.K.

  • 27 days paid annual leave

  • 3-year contract

  • 500 GBP (~ 33,900 PhP) cash advance upon arrival

  • Free fully structured training program aimed at achieving the OSCE

  • Paid visa costs

  • Reimbursement of costs (1x passed IELTS/OET, initial NMC Registration, 1x passed CBT)

  • 10,000PhP cash incentive for IELTS / OET passers

  • No placement or processing fee


  • IELTS or OET Passer

IELTS: at least 6.5 in Writing and at least 7.0 in Listening, Reading and Speaking

OET: at least C+ in Writing and at least B in Listening, Reading and Speaking

  • At least 1 year of post-license acute hospital experience

  • No more than 12 months of work gap

If you’re interested to apply, simply sign up at or send your CV, IELTS/OET result, valid PRC ID, valid passport copy to For questions or concerns, you may contact Hazel through 0917-704 7976 / 0918-286 1886.

We hope to secure your application to this Trust this December!


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