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Muslim & Non-Muslim Respiratory Therapists For King Faisal Madinah

It’s not surprising if you’ve no idea what type of quarantine the Philippines is currently under in. Frankly speaking, it’s still a long way to go ‘till our country goes back to how things used to be. The many issues of Filipino nurses, problems within our healthcare system, and the slow pace of inoculating the population don’t really give us that much hope in the coming months. But instead of focusing on these difficulties, it might be better that we check out the opportunities that are actually within your reach.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that is strongly committed to the vaccination of its entire population. As of May 15, more than 11.4 million people have received their vaccine shots, which is equivalent to 33% of its total population. At the rate that they’re going, it won’t be surprised if the entire country gets vaccinated by the end of the year. Its curve has flattened so much that even one of its holiest cities, Madinah, is slowly opening up and experiencing progressive changes.

For one thing, Al Masjid an Nabawi has started receiving worshippers during the last 10 days of the recently concluded Ramadan. Though strict precautionary measures were put in place, the mosque’s accommodation of hundreds of worshippers is a reflection of how large gatherings have already become acceptable in Madinah amidst the pandemic. The government has also become more flexible when it comes to accepting non-Muslims to Madinah’s Nabawi Square. Many Saudis have noticed that various “Muslims only” signs were taken down and replaced with ones that said “Haram area” instead. And just yesterday, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah has started accommodating citizens who’d like to travel outside of the Kingdom or return to it. If the sacred city has been witnessing such transformations, imagine what’s happening with rest of Saudi Arabia!

If you are interested in working in Saudi Arabia, one of our clients, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, is looking for Respiratory Therapists. What’s more is they’re hiring both Muslim AND non-Muslim candidates! Below are the job vacancy details for your reference.


King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centers in Riyadh and Jeddah are facilities that consistently rank as some of the top hospitals in the Gulf region. Both facilities specialize in Oncology and Organ Transplantation, and are also considered experts in other specializations, such as Cardiovascular and Genetic Diseases, Pediatrics, OB / GYN, Neurology, Cardiology, Emergency Surgeries, Pain Clinic and Radiology. As they are accredited by the Joint Commission International, they abide by the most rigorous international standards in quality and patient safety. They are recipients of the Magnet status award as well, which can be attributed to their nurses’ delivery of excellent patient outcomes, high levels of job satisfaction, and low staff turnover rate.

In line with their goal of expanding their services throughout the Kingdom, they have launched their new Madinah facility in 2018 by transforming Al Meeqat Hospital into King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center – Madinah. Similar to its predecessors, this new 300-bed capacity tertiary hospital upholds KFSH&RC’s reputation as the country’s leading medical institution through delivering the highest standards of providing medical care. It also strive to provide its healthcare professionals a fulfilling career as it puts education, research and continuous innovation at the core of its programs. At KFSH&RC – Madinah, you’ll likely experience world-class training that will enrich your expertise and build up you career.


- 100% tax-free monthly salary, starting at 5,250SAR

- 2,000USD sign-on bonus, to be given in tranches through the contract duration

- 54 days paid annual leave

- Free airfare

- Free accommodation and transportation

- 2 years initial contract, renewable

- No placement or processing fee

If you are a licensed Respiratory Therapist with at least 2 years of post-license work experience, then you may email your updated CV to For questions or concerns, you may contact Chill Combate through +63918-286 1918.


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