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National Guard Health Affairs’ Two 30-Day Vacation Leaves Can Be Yours

It’s not surprising for nurses to be wary of applying abroad these days. The recently imposed deployment ban, the lifting and 5,000 cap that follows, and the general uncertainty of the times can make an overseas career seem like a high-risk move. It’s not unusual to see many Filipino nurses staying in the Philippines and waiting out the pandemic, as it is deemed the safer and more logical option.

Staying locally or working abroad is always up to a nurse, but if she must choose the latter, she should choose an opportunity that will give her the stability and peace of mind that she needs. One of our clients, the National Guard Health Affairs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, may just be the solution to curb the uncertainty of nurses.

The NGHA is an integrated medical complex composed of medical cities scattered in various regions of Saudi Arabia. As the primary health care provider of the National Guard forces and civilian employees, it is a government hospital that enjoys financial stability and unwavering support from the Arab government. Through the years, NGHA has earned international recognition for its devotion to medical science, research, and the professional advancement of its staff, making it one of the very few institutions in the region that is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Its biggest facility, King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh, is a 1,501-bed capacity hospital that is composed of various state-of-the-art developments.

In addition to being a secure and well-recognized employer, the NGHA offers a unique compensation and benefits package that is very attractive, now more than ever. Most remarkable about it is how it offers two (2) 30-days paid vacation leaves to its Staff Nurses. Each set of leaves comes with free roundtrip airfare and may be scheduled 6 months apart from each other within the nurses’ 1-year contract. This allows nurses to spend a fifth of their NGHA employment duration with their families in the Philippines, which can make them feel more at peace during this tumultuous period.

Here are details on the rest of its package:


- 100% tax-free salary

- Overtime and on-call privileges

- Specialty bonus

- Free accommodation and transportation

If you have at least 2 years of post-license experience in a tertiary hospital with at least 100 beds, then you are invited to apply. You may send your updated CV to or call Tine Peyra through 0917-704 7976 / 0918-286 1886 for inquiries.


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