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Prince Sultan Cardiac Center’s Lenient Requirements That You Should Know About

Have you ever thought of working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia's thriving economy makes it a popular destination for expats. It is considered as the world's largest producer and exporter of oil. Over the years, it has diversified its economy and now has produced and exported a range of industrial goods. Along with its progressing oil and gas industries, there are a wide variety of opportunities that started to boom like in engineering, construction, IT, and also for the medical profession. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia is also often associated with high earnings and a low cost of living combined with its famous tax-free income.

Expats in Saudi Arabia can earn high salaries compared to other regions. Most KSA employers also offer its employees housing and accommodation allowances, medical insurance, food, and transportation benefits. Medical staff do not need to worry about visiting their family once in a while as reputable employers provide bonuses and annual air tickets for you to come home to our hometown.

Qualifications for any job position, specifically in today’s discussion - for nurses are extremely important. Being well rounded is significant whatever your career is. Having certain experiences and abilities along with your developed personality can really shape your skills when dealing with other people. For nurses, these standards are measured to ensure clinical proficiency and patient's safety.

With rapidly growing economies associated with oil, tourism and the financial industry, countries in this area have a large population of expats from all around the globe. The good thing is, no matter how large this population could be, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a good healthcare system with standards that's just equal to those developed countries in the world; just enough to cater to this population. The area is considered the center for medical excellence with competent staff and high-tech hospital equipment for better service for its people.

Aside from Saudi Arabia's competitive benefits and high salaries, what makes nurses choose them is because their qualifications are not as strict as what other countries require when applying for a position. Unlike in other countries, you don't have to deal with various tests/exams or additional expenses. Here in Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, you only need to be a Registered Nurse with at least 2 years of work experience in a 100-bed capacity hospital setting.

Another good thing about here is that our agency has the most cost-efficient application among all of PSCC's recruitment agencies here in the Philippines. Surely, a great opportunity for you; no pressure of passing the exams before you landed your career but can still earn tax-free high salaries to provide for your family. Prince Sultan Cardiac Center is one of our KSA Employers that has a 174-bed capacity that specializes in cardiac services. A facility that gives opportunities and employs staff nurses from different countries and is indeed recognized internationally.

This esteemed employer is hiring once again! Start your application by signing up at or

Check out the vacancy details below.


Staff Nurse II Vacancies

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Available Areas:

Adult Surgical ICU

Coronary Care Unit

Paediatric Surgical ICU

Paediatric Cardiology ICU

Cardiac Cath Lab (Nursing)

Cardiac Theatre/OR


100% tax-free salary starting at 6,221SAR (~ 90,000PHP)

Free furnished accommodation

Free transportation and service

30 days paid annual vacation leave

Free medical and emergency dental care

Free airfare and 1 return airline ticket per contract year

most cost-efficient application among all of PSCC’s recruitment agencies

2-year contract, renewable


Registered Nurse

At least 2 years of work experience in a 100 bed capacity hospital setting in the desired area


Send your CV to and wait for a Recruitment Officer to get in touch with you.


a 168-bed capacity institution that specializes in cardiac services

has a full range of diagnostic and management facilities for patients ranging from neonates to the elderly through its clinical departments

a teaching hospital that organizes symposiums and scientific programs and pursues scientific research related to cardiovascular diseases and cardiac surgery


Contact Chelcie at +63917-704 8327.

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