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Sharing Stories

If there’s one thing that everyone loves to indulge in, it’s stories. Unlike other forms of communication, a story can transport us to an entirely different perspective and affect us in various unimaginable ways. Through stories, we get entertained, we are able to empathize, and we learn lessons that we can apply to our own lives. Through stories, we are made to believe, we get inspired, and many times, we are pushed to respond and take action. We from Abba love collecting testimonials from our deployed applicants since their stories delight us and at the same time, even remind us of why we do what we do. We even dedicated the platform Stories Overseas to this, so that our applicants have a venue where they can share stories online.

Because sharing stories is our love language, we are inviting you to come to an online story-telling session. On October 16 8pm, we will be holding our second online orientation called “Secrets of Successful USRNs”.

The orientation will feature the stories of 5 Filipino nurses who have successfully reached the American Dream and the secret tips that you must know so that you can also do the same. It will be held through Zoom on Friday 8pm, and will last for around an hour. A Q&A portion will be held at the end of the orientation so that you can raise your questions or concerns about the US process. You may also utilize this venue to share your own story to the rest of the attendees.

Come and reserve a seat by signing up at You may also contact Wella Untalan through and 0917-703 6871 / 0918-286 1905 for inquiries.

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