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There’s a New U.K. Employer in the City, Nurses!

The U.K. has facilities that offer excellent career development opportunities and practices and has some of the world's leading hospitals. Therefore, there's no doubt that the U.K. is still one of the prominent countries of work destinations for nurses nowadays. But even though working overseas is a rewarding journey, we can't deny that a percentage of Filipino workers still fear getting out of their comfort zone - moving to a different country.

Adjusting to a different environment can be really daunting. This thought of yours might be the one holding you back from taking the opportunity to work in the U.K. So many 'what ifs' comes to your mind, right? Like, how will you engage yourself and fit into a new community? Live in a place without spending time with your family? How could you adapt to an entirely new environment?

If the concept of working and living in the U.K. still jaded you, let us help you clear your mind from hesitations and be confident in entering a new, remarkable journey in your life.

Here at Abba, we have deployed numerous nurses bound to the U.K. Like you, they are hesitant at first about whether to pursue a career in the U.K. or not. Then, during the process, they were the ones who affirmed afterward that the U.K. is indeed one of the best work destinations for nurses. It has one of the world's most extensive and developing healthcare systems. Have you envisioned yourself engaging in a state workforce that delivers high-quality patient care and experiencing firsthand those world-class advanced and innovative technologies that can help you provide excellent patient care and safety and hone your skills?

Want to explore and expand your career in the field of nursing? The U.K. is the best option for you!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the U.K.'s most prominent specialist diagnostic and healthcare solutions provider, our newest U.K. client - InHealth. With their 30 years of experience in the industry, they manage to handle more than 800 locations in the U.K. and are dedicated and striving to reach 1000 locations by the year 2025. They've also established the approach in helping to meet some of the health's crucial and demanding difficulties. Continuously aiming to improve patient's overall experience. Working collaboratively with hospitals and administrators across the NHS and other independent sectors, they stand with their purpose, "Making Healthcare Better." To help serve the patients and provide the outstanding healthcare system that the people deserve.

Let us tell you that you can never go wrong with choosing InHealth as your employer. Regarding being exceptional, InHealth has received an Outstanding Award from the Care Quality Commission for its mobile and itinerant services across the U.K.

On another FB Live session, join us to discover what it's like being an Endo Nurse in the U.K. straight from the team of experts from our client - InHealth! Let's make this informative session more worthwhile by giving detailed information on Endoscopy and InHealth's attractive benefits. Not only that, you'll also acquire practical advice and helpful tips that will motivate you to be confident in pursuing a career in this Western country!

Get your questions and concerns answered immediately by InHealth, and be ready for interactive orientation this September 22 at 4 PM via our Official FB Page!

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