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What You Should Know About One of the Biggest Acute Trust In The U.K.

Some of the reasons why Filipino nurses opt to work overseas are the competitive salaries and incomparable benefits dedicated to them. Aside from that, nurses also consider working abroad due to the huge opportunity to expand their professional scope. This is not a surprise anymore as working in a foreign country allows nurses to gather experience using world-class facilities; not to mention be exposed to new healthcare systems, which undeniably benefit their perspective and approaches to patient care.

Along with all the good things mentioned, moving to a new country is always a little bit daunting for some. But considering the enormous job opportunities and unique benefits, specifically offered in the U.K., taking this crucial first step can definitely give you a change of heart.

It is true that there are many career options waiting for you overseas and in different countries. So, it is important that you evaluate those options that will suit your expectations and help you in your career growth.

One client in the West that we are boasting about is the NHS. Within the NHS, nurses are well-compensated based on their skills and qualifications. As a matter of fact, nurses with more experience in a specific area of expertise can even earn a higher salary compared to those in entry-level. With that, nurses with advanced skills and qualifications are assured their skills are well compensated while working in the NHS.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance in this country is not impossible. In fact, living in this foreign land will help you reduce stress and get to explore astonishing places where you can free up your mind and just enjoy the environment freely.

Out of all the magnificent places to work and live in UK, Lincolnshire is one that we mostly recommend to our dear aspiring UKRNs. Lincolnshire is a prominent vibrant city that's filled with beautiful historical heritage and culture. This city is full of breathtaking attractions and fun activities perfect for your family and friends; it's no wonder that Lincolnshire is a famous location for a city break in the U.K.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the biggest acute hospital Trusts in England and is located in the county of Lincolnshire. This Trust has a diverse, encouraging, good-natured environment; that many nurses look out for when working overseas. United Lincolnshire Hospitals is committed to offering a wide range of benefits, career development, high-quality education, and training. It has full support for developing international nurses like you. Not only do they offer exclusive benefits and relocation packages, but they also allow nurses to work with great people who are always devoted to assisting colleagues and delivering exceptional patient care.

Want to discover more about United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust and its job opportunities? Join us on our FREE online event that will happen on June 28, Wednesday, 4 PM - 6 PM via Zoom. To reserve your slot, you may sign up at For further inquiries, contact Mica at +63998-406 9968.

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