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Why Experience Matters When Choosing a USRN Employer

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Aspiring USRNs like you usually consider a variety of factors when it comes to choosing a USRN employer. Many initially look at the basic salary, since high compensation is pretty much the common reason why Filipino Nurses choose to work abroad in the first place. A good number of Nurses also give importance to location, since most of them would already have relatives and friends in the U.S. that they can settle with. Some would look at the hiring mode, preferring direct hire for high salaries or preferring temp staffing for heavy application support. And recently, some would check the bonuses, referral fees, incentives and the like since these things somewhat make the application process less burdensome.

The factors that Nurses consider basically reflect their current priorities. There’s one factor, however, that we feel all Nurses must give thought to—regardless of their status in life, qualifications, reasons for settling in the U.S. and the like. This factor is a USRN employer’s experience: That is, the length of time that a USRN employer has already spent on successfully recruiting Filipino nurses.

Abba’s first and longest-standing U.S. client, Vintage Health Resources, is the USRN employer that’s been in the industry for as long as many of us can remember. As it has recently transitioned to Epic International Staffing, it brings with it a deep understanding of the market, thanks to its more than 3 decades of experience in USRN recruitment. Here are the reasons why its tenure is one thing that you shouldn’t ignore.

  1. The United States has the longest application process for Nurses. In the 2010’s, the number of aspiring USRNs in the Philippines gradually declined when the U.S. government decided that it should start issuing E.B.-3 immigrant visas to foreign nurses, instead of the H.1.-B working visas. Though the E.B.-3 visa offers a lot of benefits (ie: opportunity settle permanently in the U.S., chance to bring the family with you), it involves a much longer lead time that could typically run for years. With this longer duration, more incidents that could influence the application result can happen along the way, such as national crises; large-scale global incidents, and yes, even certain events in your professional or personal life. There was even a time when so many USRN employers have shut down because of such global incidents: VHR, however, was the only one that survived, as it managed to weather these challenges day in and day out! In a Nurse’s world where a pandemic, international wars, and sudden pregnancy can turn everything upside down, it pays to be with a USRN employer that has proven its reliability for more than 30 years. It also helps that VHR, now Epic International Staffing, is a temporary staffing agency that has access to various facilities all over the U.S.: In the events when facilities themselves shut down, Epic can easily place you somewhere else since it will serve as your USRN petitioner and employer. Epic is truly stability at its finest.

2. The USRN application process is pretty complicated. Any overseas application involving immigrant visas is already more cumbersome to complete compared to working visas: Imagine, then, when you’re faced with a country that also has varying application processes for its different states! The United States has a pretty decentralized way of managing the Nursing profession since it has one Nursing Board for each state. Each of these Nursing Boards is accountable to its own Nurses’ NCLEX scheduling, registration, licensure, and overall practice, that’s why it tends to have ways and processes that are different from other states’. This calls for seasoned experts who are experienced in these different kinds of application processes, and VHR once again has this. VHR has successfully deployed more than 1,000 Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals to various U.S. states. This means that its staff, which has now joined Epic, has been exposed to the U.S.’ various USRN application processes…for more than a thousand times! It’s no wonder, then, why the staff usually gets praised for the breadth and depth of their knowledge in USRN recruitment. With Epic, you are assured of having recruiters who know the USRN process like the back of their hands!

3. The United States has one of the more expensive application processes too. The USRN application process won’t just require time and effort from everyone involved… It costs real money too. From NCLEX preparation, the NCLEX, IELTS preparation, the IELTS, medical exam, VisaScreen, and to the visa fees, almost every step in the process involves money that must be paid by someone. Money is usually the last resource that Nurses would want to waste, so it pays to choose a USRN employer such as VHR that has demonstrated its financial reliability through so many years. VHR has clearly shown its financial trustworthiness in the past: Instead of resorting to the popular cash bonuses and incentives of the market, it always chose the more sustainable ways of running the business, such as shouldering or reimbursing as many of the application costs as possible. Simply put, who can handle an expensive application process better than an institution that has kept itself profitable and running for decades? No wonder, VHR has attracted fellow healthcare giant Epic International Staffing to continue doing this in the market in the years to come!

At the end of the day, you get to choose your USRN employer. Just remember why thousands of Nurses and even our competitors put so much value on Epic’s length of experience through VHR: Because in a world that’s constantly changing, it’s best to go for the ones that have remained consistent.

Epic International Staffing will be holding in-person employer interviews in Pasig on November 9 and 10! Take advantage of its rich experience in USRN recruitment: Sign up at or for a chance to be interviewed.

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