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You Can Still Be A Green Card Holder Even Under H-1B Visa. Here's How!

Tread lightly, they say, when it comes to your USRN application. It is better to take the long road than the quicker but risky one. This is why, despite the retrogression, a good percentage of nurses still prefer the E.B.-3 visa over the H-1B.

You may have already heard about our newest U.S. employer - Insight Global Health (IGH), and how their exceptional benefits contribute to your #AmericanDream journey. It may sound too good to be true, but with IGH, you don't have to wait for the retrogression to be over to work in the U.S. This employer will process your application through H-1B Cap-Exempt Visa, which is unaffected by the retrogression. With this, it can speed up your U.S. application process by bypassing the annual cap for the H-1B visa lottery.

However, despite IGH's sound benefits, many nurses still prefer to be deployed under an immigrant visa. Indeed, their reason is valid. Filipino nurses foresee the U.S. as the "endgame," the "settlement." Having an immigrant in the U.S. allows them to apply for a green card and have the benefits a citizen enjoys. This is why they are willing to endure the long process, no matter how hard it is to pursue the USRN dream through an E.B.-3 visa. It is a heavy stone they are willing to carry. Staying in the country with little earnings while they wait for the retrogression to end is fine as long they will be deployed under an immigrant visa. Little did they know, IGH could still give them their dream of having a green card. Unbelievable? Scroll down to learn more.

With IGH, nurses will be deployed through the H-1B visa, stripped of the benefits of an immigrant visa. But, the H-1B Visa will serve as an instrument for nurses to acquire permanent residency. IGH will help nurses apply for the E.B.-3 Visa and assist with the processing after only 90 days of working in the U.S.! Practically speaking, you'll be deployed as early as expected and earn what a USRN gets while waiting for your green card. It's much better than waiting for the immigrant visa to progress and make a little while you stay in the Philippines. On top of that, the free training program offered to applicants allows them to earn as much as a typical nurse makes while working in the Philippines. To make it even more unbelievable, IGH will assist you in bringing your dependents on the same day of your deployment. Imagine being deployed quickly and living in the U.S. with your family. Fulfilling, right? Then, you get a permanent residency while enjoying the benefits of being a USRN. Now that's some icing on the cake!

Millions of green cards are being issued by the U.S. government every year. This card authorizes a non-U.S. citizen to achieve permanent residence in the U.S. This means a green card, commonly called a permanent resident card, allows you to legally work and live anywhere you want in the U.S. and will eventually qualify for U.S. citizenship after 3-5 years.

The Green Card is what most Filipinos are eyeing when seeking employment in the U.S. Being a green card holder when you become a permanent resident in the U.S. comes with eligibility for government benefits like financial assistance for education, social security, and health benefits, to name a few. And since you flew with your family to the U.S. with the help of your employer, you can also sponsor your family members when applying for their green cards. In that way, you can now lawfully travel with them anywhere and anytime within the U.S. and internationally.

Don't just say it's too good to be true. See for yourself! Discover more attractive benefits that Insight Global Health has to offer! We invite you to join us at our FREE face-to-face event, 'Get Your Golden Ticket Now' this September 13, Wednesday, 12 PM - 5 PM, at the Astoria Plaza, Ortigas Center Pasig City. Here, we'll thoroughly discuss how our employer, Insight Global Health, can access your USRN dream faster through H-1B Cap-Exempt Visa processing! This event contains client orientation and screening, free consultation with our partner English Review Centers, and raffles and prizes that await you, nurses! Indeed, it is a one-stop-shop event that every nurse shouldn't miss! Save the date and reserve your slot by signing up at or For questions and concerns, you may also contact Rossa at +63917-704 5081 / +63918-286 1876.

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