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Apply To The U.K.NOW And Get Deployed In 2 Months!

The U.K. is undeniably the hottest country of work destination nowadays. Thanks to the many changes that its governments and its healthcare board, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, have implemented, the UKRN application process has become much faster, easier, and less expensive. Here were the changes that they’ve made in recent years:

  1. Lowere Required IELTS / OET Score. The required score for the IELTS / OET’s most difficult sub-test, the Writing sub-test, has been lowered from 7.0 to 6.5 for the IELTS and from B to C+ for the OET.

  2. More Lenient CBT Retake Rule. Should you fail the CBT, you’d only have to retake the portion / s that you’ve failed in. This will lead to less topics for you to review again for and a lower exam fee for the next take.

  3. No More IELTS / UKVI Requirement. Nurses don’t have to take the IELTS UKVI on top of the Academic IELTS anymore, to be able to get their work visas.

  4. Dedicated Health & Care Visa for HCWs. Nurses and other health care workers were dedicated this special visa so that the U.K. government will be able to better support them. The visa has a lower cost and a fast lead time for issuance.

  5. No More Immigration Health Surcharge. Individuals who get issued Health & Care Visas are also exempted from paying the Immigration Health Surcharge.

  6. Shortened Processing Time. The NMC’s removal of its barcoded form requirements and assessment, which used to take up to 65 working days, has led to applicants getting deployed within 2 – 4 months. As long as they’ve already passed the IELTS / OET and CBT, this lead time range is definitely possible.

  7. Reduced Application Costs. Due to the abovementioned changes, the total cost of applying to the U.K. has decreased from 776 – 926 GBP to 526 – 669 GBP.

  8. U.K.’s Exemption from the HCW Deployment Cap. Even during the pandemic, the IATF has exempted the United Kingdom from the HCW deployment limit due to the two governments’ positive relationship.

The UKRN application process may be fast, easy, and cheap nowadays because of these changes, but we don’t really know until when this kind of situation will last. It pays, then, to go for a U.K. employer that doesn’t only have job vacancies today: It should also be able to recruit you in just a few months! If you want to be able to fly to the U.K. in as fast as 2 months, then the below opportunity might interest you.

JOB VACANCY DETAILS Staff Nurse Vacancies South Tees Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom Available Areas: M/S Ward Theatre Areas Ophthalmology Radiology Endoscopy ENT Maxillofacial/Plastic Surgery BENEFITS

  • £25, 655 per annum (Php1.6M/annum) with an annual increment

  • Overtime pay and priority in NHS employment bank

  • Extra payments for evenings, nights and weekends

  • Access to the generous NHS Pension Scheme

  • Free Accommodation for 2 months

  • 27 days paid annual leave

  • 3-year contract

  • Free Airfare to the U.K.

  • 500 GBP (~33,000K) Cash advance upon arrival

  • PhP 10,000 *cash incentive for IELTS/OET passer

  • Free fully structured training programme aimed at achieving the OSCE

  • Paid visa costs

  • Reimbursement of costs (1x passed IELTS/OET, & 1x passed CBT)

  • No placement or processing fee

*cash incentive will be distributed after successfully passing the employer interview and CBT


  • At least 1 year of post-license hospital experience in the desired area

  • IELTS / OET passer IELTS: at least 6.5 in W and at least 7.0 in SLR OET: at least C+ in W and at least B in SLR

  • No more than 6-18 months of work gap



  • serves more than 1.5 million patients, carers and families across the Tees Valley, North Yorkshire

  • offers a full range of general healthcare and specialist services, and has expertise in heart disease, cancer, trauma, neurosciences, renal services and spinal injuries

  • manages James Cook University Hospital, a designated major trauma center for various areas in the U.K. and Friarage Hospital, a 24-hour urgent treatment centre and is the trust’s main site for planned orthopedic surgery


Contact Hazel through 0917-704 7976 / 0918-286 1886.


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