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Now’s The Best Time To Apply To NHS Professionals, U.K.

The pandemic has undeniably affected our recruitment operations, and there seems to be no clear sign of improvement anytime soon. The strict quarantines, various protocols, and irregular office hours of relevant institutions have been interrupting the normal progress of the application process. Despite this, many hospitals and healthcare institutions abroad are continuously looking for Filipino nurses who wish to pursue careers overseas. Healthcare employers in the United Kingdom are just some of them.

Filipino Nurse Vacancies in the United Kingdom

The U.K. is currently in need of thousands of nurses, which is why job advertisements for U.K. employers are pretty common in your social media feeds. Majority of these vacancies are for the National Health Service or the NHS, the umbrella term for the publicly-funded healthcare systems of the United Kingdom. The NHS has standardized many of its practices, including salary grades, benefits package, and even working hours. Employment with them means that you and your fellow Filipino nurses will get similar compensation and treatment, regardless of the city or county that you’re working at.

More than this standardization, the U.K. has become a very attractive work destination among nurses because of the recent changes that the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the U.K. Government have implemented from late 2019 until 2020. For instance, the NMC has

  • started allowing candidates to re-take only the portion of the practical licensure exam (OSCE) that they have failed, and not the entire exam

  • lowered the Writing sub-test minimum grade requirement of the IELTS and the OET (from 7.0 to 6.5 and B to C+ respectively), which is also considered the most difficult among the exams’ 4 sub-tests

  • enhanced their online application system through updating applicants on their status via personal accounts and a more informative NMC website

  • lowered the cost of the written licensure exam (UK-CBT) from 90GBP to 83GBP

On the other hand, the U.K. Government has

  • removed the language exam requirement (IELTS) for foreign applicants’ visa applications if they have already attained the minimum grade requirements of the NMC for the IELTS / OET

  • introduced the Health and Care Visa for healthcare professionals which involves a reduced visa application fee; exemption from the Immigration Health Surcharge; and a shorter leadtime for Decision Letter issuance

Because of these changes, applying as a UKRN has become easier, faster, and less expensive for Filipino nurses. Filipino nurses were even exempted from the recently announced travel restrictions in the U.K. It truly is a great time to become a nurse in the United Kingdom!

NHS Professionals: The Largest NHS Staff Bank in the U.K.

NHS Trusts make up the majority of U.K. employers but there are different ways of getting employed with them: Nurses may apply directly to them, apply through foreign placement agencies, or apply through foreign staffing agencies. The NHS Professionals is a U.K.-based staffing agency that we’re currently serving and together with Abba, it offers benefits that the previous two just can’t. These include:

  • Prioritization for OT in your own Trust. Rendering OT is popular among UKRNs because of the NHS’ lean 37.5 hours working week. However, it can be challenging to schedule OT because nurses would have to compete for OT shifts with the rest of the nurses under the NHS in that they are often forced to render overtime work in other NHS hospitals. NHS Professionals employees won’t have to deal with this problem because they will always be prioritized for OT shifts in their own hospitals.

  • Access to the convenient NHSP Mobile App. The NHSP Mobile App is an app designed exclusively for NHS Professionals employees. It provides an easy way for nurses to schedule their shifts, book their overtime work, and access their payslips whenever they want and wherever they are.

  • 10,000PhP cash incentive for IELTS / OET passers. Abba is known for offering 10,000PhP cash incentive to IELTS / OET passers who apply to the NHS Professionals. This is a unique benefit that nurses will rarely encounter with other agencies.

  • Fast deployment to reputable Trusts all over the U.K. Due to the combined expertise of the NHS Professionals and Abba, it is indeed possible to get deployed to the best NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom within 3 months!

Abba and NHSP have only started recruiting nurses for the U.K. in 2017 and ever since then, we’ve already sent hundreds of Filipino nurses to various hospitals and healthcare institutions. We have year-round employer interviews for the NHSP, so it is ideal for you to lodge your application as soon as possible. You may refer to the below job vacancy details.


Staff Nurses in Various Areas


The NHS Professionals is a leading provider of workforce solutions to the National Health and Social Care in the U.K. It manages over 130,000 members working in more than 100 hospitals all over England. Majority of its Trusts give importance to educational and professional development as they work in partnership with renowned universities. It is continuously looking for Staff Nurses who would like to work in the United Kingdom.


- Salary of £24,907 ( ~ PhP 1,664,000.00+) per annum

- 3 year-contract

- 27 days paid annual leave

- Overtime pay and priority in NHS employment bank

- 1 Free flight to the U.K.

- OSCE preparation assistance

- Free Accommodation for 1 up to 3 months

- 1 attempt at NMC OSCE

- 500 - 1,000 GBP ( ~ 33,000 - 66,000PhP) Cash advance upon arrival

- 10, 000PhP Cash incentive for passing the IELTS/OET

- Access to generous NHS Pension Scheme

- Reimbursement of the IELTS/OET (1x), Initial NMC registration and CBT (1x)

- Enhanced payments for evenings, nights and weekends

- No placement fee or no processing fee


- At least 1 year of post-license hospital experience (volunteer work will be considered)

- IELTS / OET passer

IELTS: at least 6.5 in Writing and at least 7.0 in Listening, Reading and Speaking

OET: at least C+ in Writing and at least B in Listening, Reading and Speaking

- No more than 6 months of work gap


Choose from these 2 ways to apply.

2. Send your CV, IELTS/OET result, valid PRC ID, valid passport copy to or

For inquiries, call Steff at 8554-0556 / 0917-158 6916 / 0918-286 1963


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