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Why Applying to Our Newest U.S. Employer Is One of the Best Decision to Kick Off the Year

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Nurses serve as the backbone of the medical profession and play a vital role in ensuring patients are comfortable with their well-being in mind. As nurses spend more time with patients, they are able to develop trusting relationships with patients that will lead to effective interactions. Nurses are not just about examining the physical needs of their patient, but most importantly, to pay attention to the patient's emotional needs. With the nurses' perspective and passion towards their profession, they are capable of making a positive outcome for the nursing practice that improves patient care. The time spent with patients also helps them to smoothen the cooperation, and provides greater chance to understand the patient's unique health needs. With that being said, nurses can better connect the patients with the accurate treatments and medical services and equipment to improve overall health.

Unlike the nurses' routine - which is close to communicating and assisting with patients, Medical Technologists are more on performing professional laboratory work. They are also preparing biological samples for testing and reporting technical findings, significantly playing a major role in the health industry. Even though Med Techs do not often interact directly with patients, surely their work is as crucial as nurses. Med Techs are similar to behind-the-scenes medical detectives. They are highly skilled scientists where their expertise is more focused on diagnosis, detection, prevention and treatment of diseases exposed. Med Techs help doctors and nurse practitioners, and contribute to the prevention and treatment of illness by performing important lab tests.

Nursing and Medical Technology are only 2 of the many professions that Pinoys are known for exhibiting such skill. Regardless of which, Filipinos demonstrate an outstanding performance which makes foreign employers demand for more professionals from our country.

It was the early 2000’s when the demand for nurses started to boom in several countries as well as in the USA. Aside from that, opportunities for Medical Technologists have also started showing up. Apart from tapping American professionals, U.S. employers go overseas to hire qualified nurses and med techs, including the Philippines.

It is thrilling to sense that more and more U.S. hospitals are now looking not just for Filipino Nurses but Filipino Medical Technologists as well. One of our newest overseas clients - Visa Solutions Healthcare, who has been recruiting thousands of professionals on direct hire E.B. -3 immigrant visas for over 15 years is one of those!

VSH recruits U.S.-bound various professionals on direct hire arrangement for them to be well informed about the exact facility they will be employed to even at an early part of their application. Another good thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about the salary deductions as you will receive the same compensation and benefits as the other regular employees in that certain facility. Other than providing relocation assistance to its successfully deployed workers, this employer also provides full support in getting your licenses and Green Cards. Application costs holding you back? Worry no more! VSH will shoulder your various application costs too (ie: NCLEX, IELTS/OET review and exam, Visa Screen). Indeed, an employer who is hands-on in supporting you from your application up to your employment!

Most importantly, what sets VSH apart from our other US clients is that they are one of the rare employers that allows its candidates to bring their family on the same date of their deployment! And that is what our kababayans value the most. Nothing compares than having your loved ones support you and always be there for you witnessing how you reach your personal and professional goals.

Do we need to say more? Check out the details of our job vacancy below.


Staff Nurse Vacancies



6,083 – 8,250USD monthly starting salary

OT pay

direct hire, Immigrant Visa EB3 category.

test preparation and processing assistance for NCLEX & English language exam

1 take of NCLEX, IELTS / OET review and exam, & Visa Screen to be shouldered by the employer upfront

relocation support (1-way flight to the U.S., arrival bonus, free 1 month accommodation & more)

family/dependent migration support

free medical insurance

annual leave

U.S. citizenship eligibility after 5 yrs.

3-yr. contract

no placement/processing fee


4,680 – 7,800USD monthly starting salary

OT pay

direct hire, immigrant visa vacancies

1 take of IELTS review and exam & Visa Screen to be shouldered by the employer upfront

relocation support (1-way flight to U.S., arrival bonus, free 1 month accommodation & more)

family/dependent migration support

free medical insurance

annual leave

U.S. citizenship eligibility after 5 yrs.

3-yr. contract

no placement/processing fee



at least 1 yr. of post-license and current clinical experience

must be currently employed

NCLEX or non-NCLEX passer


at least 2 yrs. of post-license and current experience as a generalist (exposed to all aspects of the laboratory)

w/ valid ASCPi license/certification


placement through a U.S.-based immigration agency that's been in operations since 2008

recruited thousands of professionals on direct hire E.B.-3 immigrant visa

has 7 offices in 4 different continents, the newest of which is located in the Philippines


Send your updated CV to then wait for a Recruitment Officer to get in touch with you.


Contact Aila through +63917-128 4132 / +63998-293 2051

Abba Personnel Services Inc.

Upper Ground Floor, North Podium

Pioneer Highlands, Pioneer St. cor EDSA

Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines


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